What is Private Wire?

Private wire power is an arrangement where an electricity generator supplies green power from a solar plant (roof and/or ground mounted) directly to an end user for consumption via a dedicated ‘private’ wire, rather than via the licensed grid networks.

How does the arrangement work?

Both generator and end user enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which governs the key commercial terms of the sale of the power.  Typically, the PPA runs between 15-40 years, with either a fixed or wholesale tracking PPA rate, offering significant annual savings over the term of the PPA versus buying power from the grid.

Are Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) flexible?

Our PPA offers flexibility to the end user, allowing them to terminate the PPA during the contract through pre-agreed provisions within the PPA. We will fund, build and operate the dedicated solar energy plant so it is delivering green power directly to your organisation in as little as 12 months.

Can PPA’s extend to leaseholders?

Subject to freeholder agreement, we can also install a private wire to leaseholders to support your organisation. If the solar plant produces more energy than your property needs, it may be possible to export the surplus energy to the grid to be consumed by another of your business’s facilities.

Who is responsible for what?

Renewable Connections will be responsible for developing the project up to Ready To Build status, following which Armstrong will manage the construction and operation of the solar farm.