Sustainability Credentials

Supply chain, customer and investor expectations are increasingly requiring demonstrable evidence of how businesses are effectively reducing their carbon footprint. Our PPA includes Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates enabling you to do this.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

A traceable supply of green energy supports the reduction of Scope 2 emissions, helping contribute towards your organisation’s commitment to ESG deliverables and commercial building EPC ratings.

Reduced Energy Costs and Price Predictability

Through the avoidance of regulatory and network charges, our PPA rate will represent a predictable reduction on your future electricity supply cost.

No Upfront Capital Investment

All costs to design, build and operate the solar system are covered by us, allowing your business to avoid significant capital costs associated with investing in solar, but still gain the benefits from it.

No Hassle Solution

Our team of experienced solar specialists will handle all aspects of delivering your dedicated solar system. From grid connections to planning applications, system procurement to project construction, we will look after everything.


Your business can terminate the PPA during the term through pre-agreed buyout provisions, offering complete flexibility should your situation change.  

Energy Security and Resilience

Creating a dedicated and reliable source of power reduces your business’s exposure to outages, system losses and frequency variations.

Additional Income

There is the potential to generate an income from unused land that can be used for the solar.

Supporting Local and National Net Zero Targets

Reducing the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels.